Sunday, April 14, 2013


The girlies are seeming so old to me lately.  Emme seems to be 14 not 4 half the time and our little Stell Bell had decided to cop quite the "tude" lately.  She is definitely a little sassafrass at times and I have to decide whether to laugh or yell at her for being a stinker.  Recently we got bunkbeds in March and they are loving those.  They both sleep down on the bottom for now, I told Emme she can move up top when she is a tad older.  The bottom is a full so they have plenty of room and they actually like being with each other.  I just can't believe how big they are getting and I look at them thinking "weren't you just a little baby?"  They constantly are making us laugh everyday with their questions or comments on things.  They are awesome with Madden and are saying all the time, "Come on Dad he's just a baby!"  They really look out for him and he is pretty spoiled by the attention. 

Emme is really into Superheroes still, loves Spiderman and Batman the best.  She also has started a Hello Kitty obsession kind of out of no where, we haven't even watched any show or movie of it.  She is doing great in school, we continue or work on her sounds and letters since they take awhile to click for her.  She is always considerate to adults and students in her class and always willing to help others out.  She loves coloring and art is probably her favorite activity, I'm always amazed at that pictures she draws and the detail in things.  She will be doing another year of preschool next school year since we have decided to wait to send her to Kindergarten when she should actually should be attending and not test her in.  While I think she would do great off the bat, I don't want her to struggle later in either the work or confidence in being the youngest in the class.  I really think the gift of time will be good for her and hopefully for her confidence in high school etc. 

Stella like I said is quite the sassy girl lately.  She always makes us laugh with the looks she gives or little quips she has.  She has being going to an art class at the library weekly with her Nanny which she loves.  She tends to be very shy around alot of kids or withdrawn so I think it is good practice for her before she starts preschool in August.  She will be in the same class as Emme and I think it will be good for her to go with Emme for a year before Emme moves to Kindergarden.  Stella is really into the Fresh Beat Band lately for shows and she loves to color and do art.  She is very good with letters and sounds and she seemed to just pick these up without me working with her much so I think it comes more natural to her.  We are working on the sounds of the letters now so she can hopefully be reading in the next year or two.  We also do alot of counting with our flashcards almost daily.  She is super excited to be starting in August for school with Emme.  They both have been taking dance classes for almost a year now and they have a recital coming up in June this year.  They love dancing and Stella especially always requests music to dance to around the house. Our girls sure do keep us on our toes!

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